It’s no secret that copywriting is expensive. However, writing it yourself can be a struggle.

“Is this the right structure? Does this make sense? Why isn’t this page converting? What’s an adverb again? How do I make a sales funnel work? I haven’t written since high school…”

Believe me, I totally understand. It took years and years and years of wading through all those thoughts and writing drafts over and over to create copy that works.

Your website is the lifeline of your business.

You want to do everything possible to make sure your customers know what you’re offering and that they’re in the right place.

That’s how this works.

You’ve already written the copy on your website. You spent hours crafting it, reading blogs, adding words, deleting words, rummaging through books to help… but you’re just not sure if it’s good enough.

Or maybe you’ve had your website up for quite some time and it’s just not converting as well as it should. You have good traffic to your site each day but you’re just not sure why readers won’t take the next step.

You want someone to look through your site and give you actionable steps to take to improve your website. (Instead of asking that peer group that always gives bland advice like, "It looks great! Nice colors! Love your design!"

I’ll simply go through your site and give you ideas and options you can change to make your website a sales machine.

With your purchase, you’ll receive:

  •  A one to two-page document with action steps you can take to change the copy on your site
  •  Ideas for how to direct your customers to take action
  •  WHY some of these ideas will work
  •  Advice for where you’re losing customers
  • Good places to find

Of course, you don’t have to apply all these tips, but it’s a document you can go back to again and again.

What this doesn't include:

  •  Reviewing your blogs
  •  Reviewing your newsletters
  •  Reviewing your social media
  •  Reviews for more than one website (unless they're both under three pages)

Price: $45.00


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Looking forward to working with you!