Freelancing should make you feel free.
If it’s starting to feel like slavelancing, something isn’t right.

Cheap clients with cheap rates who expect the world isn’t exactly what you imagined when you ventured into this world.

For most freelancers, that’s the sad reality.

Instead of freelancing becoming a ticket to a different lifestyle or extra money on the side, it becomes an exhausting endeavor that most people quit within a year.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and promise you that you’ll become a millionaire overnight, but with a little guidance you can cut off years of mental overwhelm and bad projects. You can start to be proud that you’ve chosen this path.

Hiring a mentor years ago was the single key factor that saved me years of struggling.

Even after hiring a mentor, I still had times where I thought, “I can do things my own way!” and ended up struggling again. (Pro tip: don’t do that. Your mentor knows more than you.)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still damn hard work. There’s no secret recipe that will take out the hustle required.

If you’re already working yourself to the bone, you should be seeing the rewards.

If you’re not, it’s time to make some changes.

That’s why I put together two options for freelance writers who need help:
- Copywriting power hour
- Month-long mentorship

Copywriting power hour

The copywriting power hour is perfect for someone who has some questions about freelancing but just can’t seem to put it together. We’ll work together for an hour (either through Skype, phone, or email #introvertlife) and access where you’re at so you can take the next steps.

This is ideal for someone who has specific questions but wants to approach freelance writing on their own time.

The power hour can include:

  • How to find niches to dominate - combine your life experience with writing

  • Pricing guide - what to charge based on your experience

  • How to ask for referrals - have a handful of clients but not sure how you can ask them to send work your way? We’ll cover it

  • A pitch you can use (this will be custom to YOU - not some bullshit template)

  • How to find clients you can pitch - WHERE are these elusive high-paying clients?

  • Daily networking checklist - my daily reach out plan to find new work and keep up with old clients

Once you purchase, email me at: with:

  • Info about yourself

  • Questions you have and what you want to go over (so I can be prepared when we talk)

  • What method you’d like to use for your power hour (Skype, phone, email)

  • When you’d like to talk - Weekdays are best, but minimal weekend slots are available

  • What you ideally want to get out of our time together (concrete next steps, the confidence to start, etc)

  • Where you’re stuck with your freelancing

If you don’t hear from me in 48 business hours, message me on Instagram or through my “contact” form on this site.

Refund policy on the power hour: You can receive a full refund any time before we start. Once we’ve gone through the whole hour, no refunds are available.

Price: $40

Month-long mentorship

The month-long mentorship is perfect for someone fully-committed. Whether you’ve already worked as a writer of you want to officially start, this is much more in-depth than the power hour.


  • Some pieces you’ve written - you’ll need something to send potential clients. If you don’t have any pieces, I’d recommend starting with the Power Hour option. However, even if you don’t have pieces but you still want the full month, just mention this in the application.

  • Application - compared to the power hour, I want to make sure I can actually help you during the full month. I wouldn’t want to waste your time, so there is an application for the mentorship.

  • 30 minutes of dedicated time Monday through Friday to spend on this (If you can spend more time, you’ll get faster results!)

  • Send me results from the week (either Friday or the next Monday) based on the metrics we decide (pitches sent, replies heard back, deals locked down, pages written, etc.) so we can tweak for the next week if needed.

  • A mastery of basic grammar and spelling - be sure to double check everything in your application because I will be keeping an eye out for this.

  • Your thoughts at the end of the month on how it worked for you. This is a new program I’m offering so as much feedback as possible would help.

The mentorship can include:

  • Everything in the power hour

  • Optional: One 30-minute call of the beginning of the month and one 30-minute call at the end of the month

  • If you want someone to teach you copy, then each week I will create mock assignments and give detailed feedback.

  • Me looking over your copy before you send it to clients to make sure you’re sending the best work you can (This does NOT include me rewriting it - that’s not an option)

  • Helping you navigate client negotiation. Get an email from a potential client during our month but you’re not sure how to answer? I have your back!

  • If you want to buy more months after the first initial month, you can do that. Anyone who buys it at the current rate will always have that same rate in the future, even if it goes up.

Price for the whole month: $150

Apply for the month-long mentorship: HERE

Refund policy on the month-long mentorship: You can receive a full refund any time before we start. Once we’ve gone through the whole month, no refunds are available. Partial refunds may be available but are on a case-to-case basis.