Your company isn't average.

Your copy shouldn't be, either.


You could use every fancy SEO tactic, social media growth plans, and traffic generating shortcuts, but if the words on your website don't persuade someone to take action, you'll never make a dime.

Your website should be something you're extremely proud to show off.
Your website should easily convince people to buy from you instead of sending them away.
Your website should be a shining example of who you are and everything you can accomplish.

The words you use on your website will either help you or hurt you. There is no in-between.

This is where a copywriter comes into play. Sure, you can try and write it yourself, but be ready to test your copy for years before achieving the results you are looking for.

As someone who has been writing in the online world for over seven years, I've put in those years of trial and error.


The Process:

1. You fill out the form below so I can go through and make sure we are a good fit. Writing copy is like dating, we have to make sure our goals, style, and personality match. 


The Application:

Name *


2. Within 24 hours (after 3 p.m. on Friday, it won't be until Monday morning because YAY weekends), I'll send over a deeper, fun Q&A for you to fill out so I can learn about your company and the ultimate vision for what you have in mind.

3. You will send the payment my way and we will begin the following Monday. All payments under $500 are paid in full, and payments over $500 can be broken into payment plans and copyright transferred on last payment. *Note: Full refunds can be made up until 24 hours before the agreed upon Monday start date.

4. You'll receive your first draft by Wednesday morning where we both high five, talk about how great the final product is going to be, and you get your edits to me by Friday. From there, the second draft will be in your inbox by Monday where we can continue to edit for one more round or wrap it up.