The Endless Debate: Fixed Price Services vs Hourly Rate

Recently, I bought a microphone so my YouTube videos can sound less like I’m trapped in someone’s dark, bone-chilling basement.

Months ago, I was excited about using it. It took over two weeks to get here and once it did I went through the entire process of setting it up only to realize it needs a power source and an extra cord.

How to Set Boundaries and Rules as A Small Business (Freelancers - Pay Attention)

How to Set Boundaries and Rules as A Small Business (Freelancers - Pay Attention)

Look, I can teach you all the things I know about freelancing and how to run a business, but if you don’t know how to set rules and boundaries, you’re going to have an awful time.

If you want to have someone blow up your phone 24/7, dictate your entire life, and generally give you no time off, just go work in Silicon Valley and make a boat load of money. (I did this, I would know. Minus the boat load of money part, because I didn’t stay long enough to find out.)

How to Build A Life and Not Just A Lifetime of "To Do" Lists

Feeling productive is the best feeling.

Maybe it’s my deep immersion in American culture. Maybe it’s in my DNA - my entire family is full of workaholics.

Either way, nature or nurture, I’m a sucker for a good productivity app, tip, planner, or anything else that gives me the illusion I have everything under control.


How to Stand Out Online (It's Not As Hard As You Think)

Standing out online doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg (plus your social security number and your first born child). Although, that’s the way a lot of business owners feel. I’ve seen far too many companies spend 5 figures on revamped branding to stand out online.

Sure, there’s something to be said for having a solid brand, but if you’re not in that position, there’s something you can do that will quickly put you ahead.

How to Fill Your Client Pipeline (Without Having to Cold-Pitch Everyone on the Internet)

“HOW DO I GET CLIENTS” is hands-down the most common question for anyone starting a business.

You might have a website, social media profiles set up, an idea of what you want to do… but without clients, you only have a hobby.

How to Get Ideas for Your Copywriting (So You Can Stop Staring at a Blank Page)

Writing copy is different than other types of writing.

Instead of just letting things naturally flow out of your brain, you need to balance both ends of a scale where one has all the things you want to say and the other has all the things your customers care about.

7 Ways to Stop Struggling as A Freelancer so You Stop Being A Stressed-Out Mess

When people think of freelancing, they imagine being able to wake up at any hour they want, not have to deal with a demanding boss, and basically living the dream.

However, most freelancers quickly realize this is rarely the case. Well, the sleep part is still true, but it’s rarely as easy as most people think it is.