If You Want It, ASK

Birthdays always make me reflective.

I think about life, where I'm going, the meaning of life in general, and I contemplate moving to the islands to start a career in rum making. Just me? Okay.

P.S. My birthday isn't until tomorrow, the 24th, so you can still send me a birthday Tweet ;)

One thing I want everyone to know (and to remind myself of this more often), is that in life we have to not only work for the things we want but ask for the things we want.

This is a huge part of why I've always been drawn to copywriting: it allows me to help people ask the world for what they want. Asking people to do things is the heart of copywriting, and I'd even argue all good writing. Sometimes you're asking them for big things, like to buy your product or service, or you're asking for them to keep reading and listen to what you have to say.

Dreams come true by asking people to do things. Not demanding, not telling. Asking.

All the times in my life I felt bitter about things not going my way, I realized I had stop asking. I was expecting people to be paying attention. I would work so hard, but if you don't ask, people don't know how to support you.

This isn't just in business, a general rule for life.

People spend most of their time thinking about their own life and are rarely thinking about how they could make yours better.

Ask people to hang out with you.
Ask someone on a date.
Ask someone to hire you.
Ask to get an interview.
Ask for some advice.
Ask people to buy your book.
Ask people to share your blog.

If you don't ask, you will never receive.

For my birthday, I want you to go ask for what you want from the world, then tell me about what happens.