There's A Reason No One Buys Knock Off Legos

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When you’re the best, there is no competition.

I was on the phone with a client the other day discussing an idea he has for a new site. It’s a damn good idea, and there’s a huge market for it. However, he is terrified to actually build the site because that means he’d have to *gasp* share his idea with other people in order to get it built.

This thought alone prevents him from starting at all.

How many people out there have a brilliant idea that could change the world around them, but they’re too scared that it will get stolen?

There are only two possible outcomes when that happens: They die with the idea and it never grows, or someone else comes up with a similar idea and builds it.

Neither situation gets the person what they want.

It’s not hard to protect an idea: Just document EVERYTHING and if someone takes it, sue the ever-loving shit out of them.

The thing is, that rarely ever happens. People point to these few cases here and there where some giant  company stole an idea, made billions, and the original creator was screwed. These few anomalies prevent them from ever starting the damn thing.

See, the thing is, it takes passion and tenacity to build most things, and most people are not that passionate about your idea. They won’t stick with it when times get hard like you will. They won’t take the rejection from investors, the negative comments, the hard times when it’s not getting traction.

If you’re the best, you’re the best. That’s it.

That’s why no one buys knock off Lego’s. Lego is literally just cute little pieces of plastic that fit together. That’s it. Just little molds. Anyone could have created that. But look at what they’ve built from that. When you buy toys for kids, you don’t buy the knock offs, you buy the Lego brand. You buy the best.

Someone will probably have your idea or try to steal your idea, but if you do it right and become the best, who cares? You’ll win.

I can’t even begin to count how many pages of copy I’ve written for an idea that someone pulled back on and never launched. Then, like clockwork, someone eventually comes up with the idea and they grow it.

2018 is almost here. Whatever your idea is, it’s just time to start. Everyone buys from the best, and when you’re the best you’re not worried about what anyone else is doing.

P.S. Exciting news coming soon about being able to do your own copy. Stay tuned!